Monday, September 1, 2008

a thing called canada.

so tonight was quite an adventure. i met an actual canadian. she spoke english. and looked alot like an american. but as soon as that red and white maple leafed mouth opened, unfamiliar words began to spill out like maple syrup onto ketchup chips. canada, oh canada. home of moose. french people. snow. leaves. syrup. hockey. ketchup chips. mispronunciation of vowels. and of course every ones favorite high taxes. lets talk about this for a minute. im all for high canada taxes. it makes me feel great about myself....
i find myself at safeway.
aisle #2.
i pick up the latest edition of transworld surf. it looks great. i should purchase this i say to myself. but then i look at the price and see that its $11.00. NO WAY! then my eyes raise slightly and i realize that the magazine is really only $4.50. ON WAY! the deal is on. thank you canada for making me feel like i am always getting a deal.

oh and btw.
stay up there.
were ok with out you.


shayne said...

i happen to enjoy canada!

Shawnanana said...

There seems to always be a canadian in my ward.