Wednesday, July 16, 2008

a thing called home.

every once and a while i feel the urge to write a somewhat serious blog. but i usually supress the feeling and something useless comes out. but heres what happens when i dont fight. five years ago i moved out of my parents home.

california. hawaii. california. colorado. california. utah. texas. utah. hawaii.

im tired of moving. i need a place to call my home. ma and pa decided it would be a good idea to move the huggans family from california to utah. land of opportunity, knee length shorts, and bad haircuts.

utah was good.... but not for bryce
im back where i think i belong

its the only place where i have lived in the past five years that doesnt give me a head ache. its calm. its happy. its warm. it smells good. it feels good. it tastes good. its good. teenagers always want to figure out who they are. i just want to figure out where i am. and i think i found it. and that makes me smile.
im happy here. im home.

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