Wednesday, September 24, 2008

a thing called room mates.

there are few things that i am sure of in this life.
1. i need food to live.

2. girls make no sense.

3. room mates blow.

now please. allow me to vent.

no matter how many houses you live in. no matter how many room mates you have. you will always be stuck with a complete douche bag.

its the laws of room mates:
Vol. 1, Article 13, Page 125.
each house hold containing two or more tenants must house at least one, but not limited to, a complete and total bag of douches.

dont sleep on the couch.
do your dishes.
turn of your alarm.
dont touch my stuff.
put your clothes away.
dont talk to my friends.
they cant stand you either.
just dont live.

great idea. dont live.


shayne said...

punching the culprit has always done the job for me....

Candice said...

hey brycey poo! hows it goin? i love that you have a blog. so whats up with this post were you a bit angry haha

Jeffrey & Nicole Thompson said...

you're mad aren't you!? I miss you though!!

little miss erika said...

tee hee hee

Jennie-O said...

Sorry about the roommate problem. My two roommates and I just switched condos to get rid of our problem...It's Jay isn't?!! I always knew he was a douche bag!! :)