Thursday, June 5, 2008

a thing called blog.

their is a little thing called blogging. personally i hate the word blog. it sounds disgusting, why didnt they use a better word. many other words would work just as well. blooping. booming. bonding. or even bahounding. the idea of a blog is never the same. tell your feelings. be upset . be depressed. be happy. be whatever the hell you want to be. but what it comes down to is. explain your brain. i feel like blogs are kind of a thing of the past already. in this ridiculious world we live in, where we are never happy with what we have, were always looking for the next best thing, especially if we can find it before our neighbor. blogs came, blogs are going. and i am getting in. am i going to continue to blog after this, my first blog? thats a hard call.

but it feels good to just write. it feels good to reach into my ears, and pull out a chunk of my brain. take some tweezers and pick through it. and as i sort out pictures, stories, and dreams, its hard to tell the difference between gray matter, and things that dont matter.

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